Leaks of the New Era 2020 Atlanta Falcons draft hat are terrible


The 2020 Atlanta Falcons draft hat has been leaked by an unofficial source and if the leaks are true, this New Era hat is hands-down the worst piece of fan items ever created.

Whomever the Atlanta Falcons choose to draft in 2020 with their first pick of the draft could be forced to wear something that says “HOTLANTA” on the front over the Falcons symbol. We can only hope that those lucky players will learn very quickly that people in Atlanta do not and will not use that terrible phrase.

New Era has been the official provider of NFL hats since 2012 and over the last eight years has come up with some great designs, but this one is hands down the worst. It almost seems like New Era decided to design the draft hats in an attempt to upset each NFL fan base. To say this is bizarre would be an understatement.

Here is a flashback to the previous hats designed by New Era for those selected by the Atlanta Falcons since 2012.


The 2012 version of the Falcons draft hat was actually a great design. Simple and clean design. New Era played it safe and created a great hat that fans of all ages could proudly wear.


The 2013 draft hat was a little bolder than the 2012 version but was one of the best designs that New Era had created.


The 2014 design was the best of the collection. The colors and Atlanta Falcons insignia was the best that they have created. Every hat should just be a replica of this hat.


Great move by New Era to add the city skyline to the brim of the hat adding a depth piece to the draft hat that was worn by Georgia native Vic Beasley as he was drafted eighth overall.


The 2016 draft hat worn by Keanu Neal was a great mixture of the 2014 and 2015 hat designs. Classic Atlanta look and they did not take any risks.


The white hat worn by Takk McKinley was not a good look for the Atlanta Falcons. New Era did the Falcons a disservice with this draft hat.


There is nothing wrong with the 2018 Atlanta Falcons draft hat for the Atlanta Falcons. ‘Rise Up” has been a Falcons motto for more than a decade. The biggest problem with this hat is what they did not do.

Since Dan Quinn’s arrival, he has breached about the “brotherhood“, well, New Era put that motto on the Cardinals hat in 2018.


There is nothing wrong with this hat choice other than it was not as clean as draft hat designs of the past. More is not always better and that is true with hats.


Let’s remind everyone that these are not official – yet. The Falcons announced that they are changing uniforms, but no one knows if that includes the team logo, so keep that in mind. Going with the “HOTLANTA” is the worst idea yet by New Era, if it is true.

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Again, this is simply speculation that has run rampant over the last 12 hours on twitter. If proven to be true, New Era will have some explaining to do.