Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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The Atlanta Falcons have had little luck recently when it comes to beating the Minnesota Vikings in the Ryan era, posting a 2-4 record, with the Falcons losing the last four meetings.

Last season’s performance against the Vikings was atrocious and was indicative of how the Atlanta Falcons would look for the first half of the season. Ryan is due for a good performance against the Vikings after a number of rather poor outings.

This will be a very important match up in the NFC, again, because of seeding and the head-to-head edge. If the Atlanta Falcons could take down the top two teams in the NFC North, it would do wonders for the mentality of a team, coaching staff and fan base that desperately needs a boost of confidence and something to cheer for.

A win in Minnesota would do wonders for a team that hasn’t had a victory over the Vikings in almost a decade. It would give the Atlanta Falcons confidence and let them believe that they can truly beat any team in the NFL, which is a very important mindset to have in a league like the NFL.