Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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It goes without saying a what a win over the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs would do for the Atlanta Falcons, so I would like to discuss the teams previous meeting in 2016, when Eric Berry picked off Ryan and ran it back for two points, giving the Chiefs the 29-28 victory.

This game was arguably the turning point for the Atlanta Falcons that season, but the game still left a bitter taste in the fan base’s mouths. It was a game that the Atlanta Falcons should’ve won.

Let’s also not forget the miserable record that the Atlanta Falcons have against the AFC under Dan Quinn’s tenure. Since Quinn took over in 2015, the team has accumulated a shockingly awful 7-14 record against AFC foes. This has to change in 2020 if the team wants to find any kind of success. Beating the Super Bowl Champions would most definitely change this fate of constantly losing to the AFC.

This meeting could be a revenge game of sorts for the team and fan base, while also proving that the Atlanta Falcons could have a legitimate claim at being one of, if not the best team in the NFL.