Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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The Atlanta Falcons shockingly destroyed the New Orleans Saints last season in New Orleans, putting on a defensive clinic that literally came out of nowhere. They then lost a tough battle at home that saw the team show a lot of heart.

This is what we need from the Atlanta Falcons when they play the Saints twice this season, more specifically, at home. A loss in New Orleans would not be the end of the world, pretty much every team in the NFL loses in that dome except the Minnesota Vikings.

A loss in Atlanta to the Saints, especially with a loss in New Orleans, would all but eliminate any NFC South hopes that the Atlanta Falcons have. Obviously sweeping the season series would be ideal, but splitting it would be the second-best option. A win over the Saints at home would go a long way in deciding the winner of the division and possibly a first-round bye.

The Falcons can not afford to lose at home again this season to the Saints if they want to prove that they are a legitimate threat to win the NFC South in 2020.

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If Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons want to turn their luck around and become playoff contenders, they must win these games to prove that they are once again, one of the top teams in not only the NFC but the NFL as well.