Atlanta Falcons top five classiest players of all-time

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Tuggle was an undrafted rookie from Valdosta State. In 1987 he made the roster as a rookie. He really became a bonafide star in 1989 on a poor Falcons team. From then on in, he became known as ‘The Hammer.’

Tuggle became a tackling machine as he led the league in tackles in four different seasons. He was also a five-time Pro Bowler. Throw in 21 career sacks and five career touchdowns. Not too shabby for an undrafted division two-player.

He was a leader both in the locker room, on the field and led by example. A fierce competitor and a hard hitter, he was also easily another all-time fan favorite. This man was also so respectful towards the media, fans and opposing players.

All he did was go about his business while conducting himself with nothing but class. He played on some bad Falcons teams and could have left for greener pastures, but played his whole career with the Falcons.

Side note…he is the father of Falcons stud defensive tackle Grady Jarrett…talk about good football genes!