Atlanta Falcons top five classiest players of all-time

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What can be said about Quintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones that hasn’t already been said?

Jones just completed his ninth year as the best receiver in Atlanta Falcon’s history, leading the team all-time in career receptions and receiving yards. He is seven touchdowns away from becoming the all-time leader in that category as well.

Jones is still looked at by many as the best wide receiver in the NFL today. He’s starting to get up there in age at 31 but is still a beast.

He has led the league in receiving yards twice, receptions once and holds the NFL record to date in yards per game average.

In a day and age of social media for many pro athletes, Jones stays out of the spotlight. He is very respectful towards the media, answers all questions asked by reporters and is a leader in so many ways.

Jones’ work ethic is unprecedented. From his off-season workouts to in-season and game-day preparation, he is always 100% locked in and is a team player in every way. He is always stating it is not about him, but only about the team winning.

He is an anomaly and a polar opposite of so many other diva wide receivers in the league who only care about scoring touchdowns. Jones only cares about winning games. What an example he is of what it is to be a pro athlete in today’s sports world.