Imagining an Atlanta Falcons game with no fans


So far, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL have been clear of the coronavirus and haven’t had to make the decision to play games without fans much like the NCAA and NBA have.

But it got Bloggin Dirty thinking, what would an Atlanta Falcons game without fans be like? Well, the team might actually play better.

For starters, the Falcons should be used to playing with a lot of empty seats. There were plenty of games over the past two years that the visiting fans, well outweighed the number of people yelling “Rise Up.”

Atlanta fans have always been fair weather. A new stadium, fan-friendly pricing, and massive halo board wasn’t enough to overcome the sub-par product the Falcons have consistently put on the field the past few years.

Homefield advantage just hasn’t been the same in the ‘Benz like it was in the Georgia Dome. But don’t mistake the lack of fans for a quiet atmosphere. The Falcons still employ Takk McKinley and Devonta Freeman.

Those two players can talk. Unfortunately for McKinley, he runs his mouth more than he makes impact plays on the field. And don’t underestimate the vocal fire Matt Ryan brings to the game. He’s been caught yelling at teammates before.

Maybe the Falcons would play better at home if there was no one there to watch. Then, it would just be they were at Flowery Branch. Where according to players they have good practices. It just doesn’t translate well to the field.

But, don’t expect that to be the case anytime soon. Fans don’t want to not show up, they just want a good team to root for. And if Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff know what’s best for them, they will put the best product they can on the field this year and keep people in the seats.

Next. Defense, not offense, should be the main focus for the Atlanta Falcons. dark

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