An Atlanta Falcons guide to surviving quarantine and isolation


By now, the reality of no sports, no Atlanta Falcons football, and no March Madness is starting to settle in. What in the world are you supposed to do and watch?

The Atlanta Falcons typically wouldn’t be playing this time of year anyway. But there are at least other sports to get you through the NFL drought. The draft, free agency, baseball, you get it. And no the XFL doesn’t count.

So as you sift through sports channels and realize there are no live events. Here’s a handy Atlanta Falcons guide to keep you occupied.

Buy Madden and put yourself to the test. 

Atlanta Falcons
We are all armchair quarterbacks, coaches and GM’s. We think the Falcons should’ve ran the ball when they passed, passed when they ran, drafted a running back, not a wide receiver, you get it. /

We’ve all bashed Dan Quinn for his clock management (which is completely fair) but here’s your chance to see how good of a coach and GM you really are. Go buy Madden, start a franchise, play on at least all-pro, and see how good you are. Anything below that level, I don’t want to hear it. The real ones can ball on All-Madden but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Now’s your chance to see if you really got what it takes or if you should keep yelling from the stands about how much of a better job you could do.

Relive the Falcons final year in the Georgia Dome
This one should fill you with joy at a time the coronavirus is causing mass hysteria. Kick your feet up, stream YouTube on your tv of whatever device, and relive the Falcons Super Bowl run.

Whether you choose to actually watch the Super Bowl, well, that’s on you. I’d stop with the NFC Championship and act like the next game didn’t even happen. But hey, denial isn’t always the best form of coping. Regardless, the 2016-17 season was a fun year.

Try to encourage the team by commenting on player’s Instagrams

Oh yea, give those Twitter fingers a workout. Find each player who has an Instagram, go to the comments section of a picture, and write how terrible you think they performed. Tell Matt Ryan you wish Michael Vick was back.

Tell Devonta Freeman he’s overpaid. Tell Vic Beasley he was a waste of cap space. You get the point. The players will love this. In fact, for the ones that make it back, your comment could end up in their locker and you will be the fuel that inspired them to have a career year. That’s community service right there.

Come up with a new Falcons dance
We get it, the Dirty Bird is our thing but it’s so 90’s. Kids on Tik Tok these days want to do more than flap their arms and run around like a bird. They need at least a 13 step dance. Have you seen the Renegade tik tok?

Imagining an Atlanta Falcons game with no fans. dark. Next

Well, if you’re working from home, with no sporting events, time to choreograph. In the name of social distancing, you and your friends can post the videos online and let the people determine who did it best. Then name it and make it the Falcons official dance.