Todd Gurley will not be the Atlanta Falcons franchise running back


As everyone is aware by now, the Atlanta Falcons recently signed Todd Gurley. While this is a big signing for the organization, it doesn’t necessarily fill the need at the running back position.

Make no mistake about it, Todd Gurley signing with the Atlanta Falcons is a risk. With his knee issue, he very well could be only a shell of his former self. With that being said, if the Gurley experiment does fail, it is vital that the Atlanta Falcons have a back-up plan. Through the NFL Draft, the team will find its franchise running back.

As already mentioned in a previous post regarding the Atlanta Falcons and the running back prospects in the draft, Ohio State’s J.K Dobbins, Georgia’s D’Andre Swift, LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Florida State’s Cam Akers and Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor would all be a great fit for the team. Gurley coming to the Atlanta Falcons does not change that. Anyone of these guys has the talent to be the future of the organization and it’s important that the Atlanta Falcons realize that.

It’s also no guarantee that Gurley will be productive in 2020. While he was effective in 2019, his numbers were down quite a bit from what they were in previous years. His limited snaps and availability will become an issue that the Atlanta Falcons will need to prepare for. Through the draft, this problem could be addressed.

Somebody would be a casualty of both the Gurley signing and drafting of another running back. It is unclear at this point who that could be. Brian Hill is not a star, but he has shown enough to prove that he is deserving of a roster spot.

Ito Smith would be a great third option or even second option depending on what’s going on with Gurley and Qadree Ollison proved to be a weapon in short-yardage and goal-line situations, accumulating four touchdowns in said situations.

A running back group consisting of Todd Gurley, Ito Smith, Qadree Ollison and any of the names mentioned above would make for a dangerous offensive backfield.

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Gurley more than likely only has a few more years left until he is more than likely forced to retire. He may produce for the Atlanta Falcons for a time, but the team needs to find their franchise running back through the draft for when that time inevitably comes.