Pairing the Atlanta Falcons with their fast food counterpart

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The Atlanta Falcons have quite a variety about them. Different players, different styles, and constant debates about who’s the best among their league counterparts.

But one thing about being an Atlanta Falcons fan, depending on which team shows up, your mood and after taste will change accordingly. It’s almost like searching for that perfect restaurant, that fast food option to satisfy your craving.

Atlanta Falcons
Sometimes you’re on a long road trip and want a burger but there are a ton of places to choose from, or sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking at home even though you know you should, but what’s one meal if you eat out. Does that sound like an NFL team you know? /

Some games, the Atlanta Falcons offense is clicking and whoever Matt Ryan passes to, it doesn’t matter. You can’t go wrong. They’re craving points and they get them, clicking on all cylinders. And other games, it’s like they took the day off. I mean sure, you can’t win them all but it’s like they aren’t even trying.

But let’s break it down even further, what if each player had their fast food restaurant counterpart? Who would they be and how would that work? Well, it’s simple. We’ll pick a couple players from each side of the ball and pair them up.

Depending on their style of play or what they bring to the field, that’s how we’ll decide what fast food spot they are. Spoiler alert, nobody is McDonald’s. Not because the burger joint is untouchable, there just isn’t anyone on the Falcons that offers the equivalent of the dollar menu.