Pairing the Atlanta Falcons with their fast food counterpart

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Let’s start with the easy one, number 11, Julio Jones. Which food establishment is he? Waffle House. Why you ask? Because he’s always open.

It doesn’t matter if it’s after bars and everyone knows Waffle House is the place to go, you’re still going there. And you will sit and wait until you get your food. Because your night goes, as your service at Waffle House does.

Same with Julio and the Atlanta Falcons offense. Every defensive player, coordinator, and fan knows the ball is going to Jones in certain situations. But it’s like it just doesn’t matter. He stays open. When Matt is under pressure, when the offense is stalling, you go to Jones.

But the great thing about WaHo is there’s no such thing as a perfect visit. The dishes may be dirty, the cooks are a bit rough, the cleanliness questionable but the food hits. When’s the last time Jones played a game fully healthy? Exactly. Injuries, nicks, bruises and all, he still performs at a top-level.

Matt Ryan? Well, he’s more of a Wendy’s.

Think about it. Wendy’s has been around for as long as every burger joint but it never really sticks out. Except for the spicy nuggets. It’s like Wendy’s has been consistently good, with one or two stands out products. Spicy nuggets and the Baconator.

Enter Matty Ice. He’s been around and is consistent but there are a lot of quarterbacks to be had- like burger places. And yes, he’s had an MVP season and some other Pro Bowl years, but those are limited. Much like spicy nuggets, Get them while you can.

This isn’t a knock on Ryan, but he has rarely been the absolute best in any category.