Pairing the Atlanta Falcons with their fast food counterpart

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Dan Quinn, you aren’t excused from this list either. I mean, let’s not get carried away but Quinn, well, he gets the label of KFC. There was a time where KFC was top of the line. Where it was the restaurant you actually wanted, it was sought after.

But now, eh. When’s the last time you heard someone say they actually wanted KFC? It just doesn’t happen anymore. Their menu is a little outdated, Quinn’s scheme and the changes they make to fit in are just weird- i.e. a donut chicken sandwich or throwing everything into one bowl. Quinn has made changes, the Brotherhood, locker room positivity, ping pong tables, but it just isn’t enough to translate to wins.

And Thomas Dimitroff gets that same designation but instead as Burger King. They’ve had a few good items, the Whopper and a few good deals. That’s TD to a tee. He has some good moments, signing Michael Turner, drafting Matt Ryan and Julio, but he’s also had some blunders

That’s how Burger King operates, they’ve had to reinvent themselves, and sometimes those things fall flat. Dimitroff helped make a decision to keep Vic Beasley, was a part of rewarding Devonta Freeman with an insanely large contract and has signed some bad offensive linemen.

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But at the end of the day, all these fast food joints are still around and must be doing something right. And that’s how the Atlanta Falcons are playing. They aren’t the worst so they must be doing something right.