Five Atlanta Falcons players you’d want to be quarantined with


The sports world has come to a grinding halt due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In our current world of isolation, there are five Atlanta Falcons players you’d want to be quarantined with.

Being in quarantine with these top five interesting Atlanta Falcons players will help you maintain your sanity, reduce boredom and provide some entertainment. Every Atlanta Falcons player is just like you and I. They are human, have families and have their own eclectic personalities.

To be cooped up in quarantine with five Falcons players, you’d want to be with guys who have a great sense of humor, have a solid football pedigree with which to discuss, are regular social media users and can keep you entertained in some capacity.

Matt Ryan

Obviously, this one’s a no-brainer. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in isolation with Matt Ice? Just his football pedigree, accomplishments and accolades would be enough to converse for weeks.

What could be better than talking football all day and night with the greatest Atlanta Falcons quarterback off all-time and a shoo-in Hall of Famer? Hundreds of football-related questions can instantly be thought of to direct his way, including his preparation, work ethic, the painful SuperBowl loss and what he really thinks about all of his offensive coordinators in his career as well as Mike Smith and Dan Quinn.

Aside from this, he seems as though he would be a humble, down to earth, cool guy.

Julio Jones

Another no-brainer. The greatest Atlanta Falcons wide receiver of all-time and another shoo-in Hall of Famer.

Many topics of conversation come to mind with Jones, especially his off-season and in-season workout regimen, of course, his football pedigree as well and how he remains so humble and so low key.

Keanu Neal

Having met Keanu Neal in person and conversing with him for a couple of hours, he is one of the nicest human beings you’ll ever want to meet.

This guy is the epitome of class. Another down to earth, humble and intelligent guy, he is a person of high moral fiber with good values.

Neal could discuss his early season-ending injuries the last two seasons, discuss his rehab process and teach some valuable life-lessons in adversity, especially with what he’s gone through the last two seasons.

Grady Jarrett

The pro-bowler defensive tackle is also a great human being, having met him and talked football with him for a couple of hours. Talk about learning from one of the best at his position, Jarrett would be the ultimate teacher in how to hone your craft.

How Jarrett worked his way up the ladder as a fifth-round draft pick to become a top-three defensive tackle in the NFL would be invaluable.

Jarrett is much more of a social media kind of guy than Ryan, Jones, and Neal. He is always quite fashionable, likes to eat fine food and is another humble, down to earth, classy guy.

Takkarist McKinley

This one might be a bit surprising, but it’s always entertaining to be in quarantine with somebody who’s a little out there from a personality perspective.

McKinley has been somewhat of a first-round bust, as he has not lived up to expectations yet. An oft-injured guy who can’t seem to remain healthy, there would be plenty to discuss with him.

We are all waiting for him to cut his dreads, as he promised he would if he didn’t record double-digit sacks in 2019. He didn’t even come close to this number, so he might even let you cut off his dreads.

Perhaps he can somehow convince you how he will remain injury-free in 2020 and finally live up to expectations and record double-digit sacks.

Each of these five players has their own unique and distinct personality. One thing is for certain. If in quarantine and isolation with any of these guys, this would lead to some pretty cool life-long storytelling.

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Honorable mention goes to Dan Quinn as he didn’t quite make the cut. Being in isolation with him would result in him trying to remain positive and continuing the spewing of rhetoric, cliches and motivational cheers.

At least Quinn would be able to lift your spirits and cheer you up about the future of this outbreak and how life will go back to normal one day.