Top five best running backs in the history of the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons don’t have a long list of franchise running backs like other organizations may have, but what they do have is a handful of guys that left a major impression on the organization.

The Atlanta Falcons are an organization that seems to have difficulty in finding a franchise running back. There were guys that had injuries pile up that ended up hindering or ending their career. Some running backs just didn’t pan out and others had maybe only a handful of good seasons before becoming a shell of their former selves.

Devonta Freeman is a great example of a guy that could have been the Atlanta Falcons franchise running back for another three to four years at least, had he been able to stay healthy. Unfortunately, the team was only able to get a couple of great seasons out of Freeman due to various injury issues. Even still, Freeman will probably go down as one of the greatest Atlanta Falcons running backs of all-time because of what he was able to do during those two to three seasons, and also because the list of game-changing running backs that were apart of the Atlanta Falcons is short.

There are five guys in particular however that managed to stand out from the rest and showed the city of Atlanta what an elite runner looks like.