The Atlanta Falcons could be setting fans up for disappointment


The longer the Atlanta Falcons make fans wait for the uniform reveal, the more the organization continues to set themselves up for a reveal that could possibly end up being a massive disappointment.

The hype surrounding the reveals are certainly making the anticipation that much more vital that the uniforms don’t disappoint. The Atlanta Falcons don’t want a reveal debacle like the Los Angeles Rams. A couple of weeks ago, the Rams revealed a new primary and secondary logo.

The reaction was lukewarm, to say the least. Sure, there were people who thought it looked fine, but the majority of people on Twitter roasted the new logos. This is a situation the Atlanta Falcons don’t want.

Since the Atlanta Falcons announced that they were upgrading the team uniforms, fans have been eagerly waiting for the reveal. It’s been a while now and the longer they wait, the more the anticipation grows. With anticipation and excitement, combined with a long wait for the reveal, the Atlanta Falcons fans can only assume that the organization is working hard on creating the absolute best uniform combinations.

This is a dangerous mindset, however. Now that we, the fans, are expecting greatness, there is a chance that we could inevitably be disappointed.

It may sound dumb, but these new uniforms will change the face of the franchise and if they look awful, then the feeling and energy around the organization will not change. It will only get worse. Great uniforms will almost certainly ramp up the energy surrounding the Atlanta Falcons, bringing excitement back to a franchise that is still desperately trying to put Super Bowl 51 behind them and get back on track.

We all want the Atlanta Falcons to knock it out of the park with the uniform and possible new logo reveal, but it’s hard to not be a little skeptical considering we have been given zero information or hint as to what they could look like. It could be a disaster of a reveal like the Rams new logos and that’s something that nobody wants.

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Best case scenario, the uniforms are a great fit that brings new life to the Atlanta Falcons and helps to re-brand the organization into winners.