Atlanta Falcons: Rebranding needs to go beyond uniforms


“We’ve gone to great lengths to listen and deliver what you requested.” That’s none other than Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank on the team’s new uniforms. That they listened to the fans and gave us what we wanted.

The Atlanta Falcons uniforms haven’t changed in 17 years before now. Well, neither has their inconsistent play. Neither has their unfortunate ability to collapse in big moments. Uniforms should’ve been the least of their worries.

Let’s get a few things straight, the new look has potential. More options, sleek color, which fan doesn’t love chanting “ATL”? It’s a part of the city’s fabric. It’s the team’s culture. We even throw an explicit at the end of it when the situation calls for it.

But Mr. Blank, have you been listening? Did we ask for a new stadium? It’s a state of the art, it’s beautiful, but the product on the field has been inferior compared to the eighth wonder of the world. We didn’t ask for the personal seat licenses that came along with it. Sure, the fan-friendly pricing is great but you gotta be able to get inside to enjoy it.

They say when you look good, you play well. Well, the University of Oregon was, maybe still is the king of fresh looks. They secured how many national titles? The Browns, the Lions, the Jets, all revamped their looks and have combined for how many playoff berths since?

The Atlanta Falcons uniforms are solid. Though there are some shades of a uniform that you might be able to create on Madden in there, the new look is nice. Change can be good. And the updated helmet and color scheme should play nice in primetime matchups when the lights are brightest.

Though make no mistake about it Mr. Blank, it’s not just new uniforms fans were asking for — it’s wins. It’s Super Bowls. It’s a consistent winning effort on the field. It’s ammo to be able to throw back at rival fans when they bring up 28-3. It’s Thanksgiving night wins over the Saints. It’s a defense that can, at the very least, get a stop when you need it the most.

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That’s what the fans need and deserve. The jerseys will sell and when life becomes normal again and football gets started, we will be there to support our team. Because that’s what ATLiens do. Well, most of it. But the rebranding effort doesn’t need to end with the threads, it needs to end in the win column.