Blogging Dirty staff’s initial reactions to the new Falcons uniforms

New Falcons uniforms are the hot topic around the NFL world this morning as the team was forced to unveil their new work uniforms a week early.

The initial reaction on the new Falcons uniforms is either good or bad, there has not been a single person that is lukewarm on they feel about them. Whether you think they look like something right out of the defunct AAF or really like the variety, there is something for everyone.

The staff at Blogging Dirty gives their initial thoughts on seeing the new Falcons uniforms. As you’ll see, we all range in opinion like everyone else.

Jeff Benedict – Site Expert

I don’t mind the new Falcons uniforms. For the most part, they are just fine. I don’t think they will be around as long as the ones that they just replaced, but I love that that there are eight different combinations.

The red top and white pants are my favorite and I actually do not hate the red fading into the black pants either. I like that they took a chance and did something different and like the Jets last year, chances are every one that hates these uniforms will come around once they see them on the field.

The helmet is fantastic. The matte black with the silver facemask is amazing. While I really wanted a new logo design, the helmet is the swing vote on the new releases for me.

Matt Siegman

First impressions the new uniforms look great despite the criticism on Twitter. The all-white uniforms are definitely an upgrade. In time the all-black uniforms are going to be an upgrade over the red and white home jerseys.

The only uniform I did not like was the granite fade-in uniforms. They would have been better off creating a brand new red jersey. One combination I am looking forward to is the usage of red pants on the away uniforms. Hopefully, the red pants can eventually be worn with the black jerseys.

Joe Beasley

The Falcons went with a futuristic yet classic twist on the uniforms which is not bad. They got rid of all the extra lines from the previous uniform and went solid color uniform outside of the black/red gradient uniform. The best looking one, in my opinion, is the white jersey and red pants. The falcons did ok with the uniforms but it would have been nice to have a red and/or white helmet to go along with the black for maximum uniform combinations.

Adam Zippan

The Falcons officially unveiled their new uniforms today for 2020 as they were leaked online. There are eight different color combinations. Overall, they are pretty arena league and XFL like.  The gradient red jersey that blends into the black pants is the color rush jersey and will only be worn once a season, hopefully. This is a horrible look.

The home black and road white jerseys are the best out of the bunch and most simple-looking, minus the striping down the side that blends into the pants. The logo on the helmet is too big and they should have reverted back to the retro logo on the helmet permanently.

Ross Terrell

The Falcons new look has some sleek options. Instead of the all-red color rushes, they can go all white or black, each looking nice. Although more simplistic than the previous uniforms, the fans wanted a change and they got it. It’s part of a much wider rebranding for Atlanta teams, and the Falcons should fit in nicely with that effort of representing the city.

Ethan Johnson

The new set of uniforms for the Atlanta Falcons is a mixed bag. While I love the all-white, the black and white mix and the white and red mix, the rest are not the best. The red top that fades into the black pants is awful and the all-black, as well as the black-top and white pants, are both shockingly bland.

Deen Worley

When the leaks started flooding the internet yesterday, it took me a hot second to warm up to the new uniforms altogether. There are some combinations that work for me and there are some that don’t. I absolutely love the new away and wish we can pull a cowboys look and wear those for home games. Whether it is white on white, white on black, or white on red. All three look great.

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The all-black design is also really really good, throw in the red pants from time to time to switch it up. Now the gradient red is obviously the most polarizing. I liked them in the makes, but now seeing them officially, I’m starting to walk back my initial likings. It just feels off to me. I’m addition, I love the font and letterings, along with the new matte helmet and silver facemask.

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