Three unlikely draft day trade scenarios that would include Matt Ryan

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Fans of the Atlanta Falcons love to hate Matt Ryan. If you ask the right fan, Ryan is the reason for everything that has gone wrong in the franchise since he was drafted.

It’s his fault that the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. He is hated to the point where some fans think that Ryan should be traded, well let’s make it happen….better yet, let’s make this big splash at the 2020 NFL Draft.

Last week a rumor was started that the Atlanta Falcons were going to trade up in the draft to secure Matt Ryan’s future replacement and they could possibly trade him as well. While that would never happen, the possibilities are at least intriguing.

The Atlanta Falcons would never trade Ryan under any circumstances, and I know that hurts for some people to hear. There isn’t a front office more behind their quarterback than the Atlanta Falcons are when it comes to Matt Ryan no matter how displeased some fans are with the result.

In this fictional world where Ryan is on the trade block, the Falcons would need to get some serious value in return that allows them to receive some assets that they can use now and later. No one trades away their franchise quarterback for next to nothing. If a team wanted to get their hands-on Ryan, they would have to pay up big time especially with all the talent that’s coming out this year.

An impact player, even a quarterback and some draft picks would have to be included in a deal for Ryan and the Falcons would probably have to include a young player as well to sweeten the deal a little bit for the other team, especially if that team is giving up a first-round draft pick.

This is just a reminder that these trades eleven times out of ten would never take place but let’s have a little fun and see what we would be able to get for Ryan from teams who could possibly need a quarterback.