Atlanta Falcons draft night should bring a major trade for Jamal Adams


Rumors continue to swirl as Atlanta Falcons draft night approaches. Will the Falcons keep pick their 16th overall pick, trade up in the first round, trade down or trade out?

Regardless of what the Atlanta Falcons draft night results in, there is one major trade they can and should pull off, which will help improve the secondary instantly.

New York Jets All-Pro strong safety is planning on skipping voluntary virtual off-season programs later this month. He is in the final year of his four-year rookie contract. There is apparently no interest in extending his contract.

This would be a great opportunity for the Atlanta Falcons to pull the trigger on a trade. Adams is only 24 years old and is still in the prime of his career. He is one of the best young safeties in the NFL today.

With Keanu Neal‘s future with the Falcons mired in uncertainty, Thomas Dimitroff should seriously consider including him in a package for Adams. Neal is also only 24 years old but is coming off two straight injury-plagued, season-ending injuries.

When healthy, Neal was also one of the hardest hitting and best strong safeties in the game. There is serious doubt that he can come back in 2020 and perform at anywhere near the level that he did on the field.

Sadly, it might be time to move on from Neal and use him as trade bait. He is a glaring factor as of now for the Falcons and nobody knows what to expect from him if he’s still on the team in 2020.

If the Falcons were to pull the trigger and consummate this trade, they should not give up too much for Adams, but they can feasibly make it happen from a financial perspective. Pick #16 in the first round should complete the trade for Adams. This should be more than enough to get it done. He is a better safety than anyone in the draft the Falcons can pick in that spot.

Another option would be to trade Neal and the second-round pick (#47) for Adams. This would be much more appealing for the Falcons. The Jets would still be getting a top-notch NFL safety in Neal, when healthy.

This trade coming to fruition is contingent upon how determined Adams is to leave New York after next season when his rookie contract expires. The Falcons don’t want to give away the farm if they would not be able to sign Adams to a long-term deal after next season.

If the Falcons were to make a trade for Adams, they have to be careful and not give up too many draft picks. They should only make this trade if they give up two picks maximum.

Perhaps Keanu Neal recovers fully from the past two seasons and has a great year in 2020 for the Falcons. With his injury background, he might be better suited for playing plenty more at the linebacker position.

Next. Draft day trade will be a double-edged sword for the Atlanta Falcons. dark

Regardless of what happens with Neal and where the Falcons decide where to play him if he stays with the team, a trade for Jamal Adams is something Dan Quinn, Dimitroff, and the front office should seriously consider, without putting them deeper into salary cap hell.

One thing is certain for sure. Atlanta Falcons draft night might bring some surprises, twists, and turns in 2020.