The Atlanta Falcons just put a lot of pressure on their secondary


The Atlanta Falcons took A.J. Terrell at the number 16 spot in the NFL Draft. And with that, they just put a lot more pressure on their already young secondary.

When the Atlanta Falcons cut Desmond Trufant, it signaled pretty clearly they would need to address the secondary position in the offseason. Instead of doing so in free agency, the Falcons decided to wait until draft night. Financially, it makes sense. But when it comes to winning games, the Falcons didn’t help their cause.

A.J. Terrell will have to make a difference almost immediately at one of the toughest positions in the NFL. The rules favor receivers, they favor the offense, and one of the critiques against him is he’s a little grabby. That means penalties. The Falcons are still recovering from all of the flags Isaiah Oliver attracted last year.

The Atlanta Falcons needed help in the secondary, no question. But a proven guy would’ve been best. Terrell will need some time to learn the ropes. Keep in mind this comes in a division with Michael Thomas and Drew Brees and Tom Brady and Mike Evans. This pick is perfect if the Falcons pass rush could be counted on but that too is suspect.

Terrell has the potential to grow into a stud. In the long run, he will help out the Falcons defense in a sorely needed way. Isaiah Oliver may never grow into a number one, shutdown corner and Terrell could eventually become that guy.

While youth in this league is a good thing, the Falcons don’t have time for a youth movement in their defensive backfield. Don’t get me wrong, A.J. Terrell is a solid pick. The Falcons may have reached a bit on this pick and since they didn’t trade up to get a linebacker or defensive linemen, they took the safe pick.

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Terrell fills a void no doubt, but the Falcons need Kendall Sheffield, Jordan Miller, and Isaiah Oliver to hold it down while he learns the ropes. The good news? He gets Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley in practice every week.

Welcome to Atlanta. But this Falcons secondary will need big-time plays from their young stars.