Atlanta Falcons virtual draft proves one thing – less is more


Atlanta Falcons virtual draft went about as smoothly as possible with no hiccups, or glitches technologically speaking that is. The 2020 NFL draft gave the fans a completely different look, which was quite refreshing.

While fans will have their own analysis and opinions about the six draft picks, one thing is certain. The Atlanta Falcons’ virtual draft was unique, cool, and very different than what everybody is used to from years past.

The NFL draft for many years has been way too Hollywood like. The media coverage, the red carpet, the clothing, and glitz and glamour are a thing of the past.

Fans had a first-hand look into virtual draft rooms of every NFL team. This provided a very unique look and was more personal and intimate.

It was very different and cool to see Thomas Dimitroff sitting and celebrating with his son when he called all six draft picks on the phone to let them know the Falcons were about to call their name. This provided a more human side than the typical war room draft night look that fans are used to seeing.

We saw owner Arthur Blank sitting in his kitchen with his children and two dogs as well. Once Dimitroff placed the first call to the newly drafted Falcons, Blank then spoke to each player to congratulate and welcome them.

Head coach Dan Quinn was alone in his virtual draft room and was involved in all the conference calls with the players as well. He did say that his wife Stacey helped him to select one of the draft picks, although to what extent is unknown, as well as to which player.

Compared to some other virtual draft rooms throughout the league, the Falcons owner, general manager, and head coach all not overly flashy. While seeing inside certain rooms of their homes, there was no beautiful background view through the window looking outside or in the backyard.

They kept things simple, wore Falcons gear (Blank donned the new Falcons jersey), and provided very little to no flash and glitz and glamour. It was also refreshing to see a more human side to them, specifically Dimitroff and blank interacting with their children, which shows they are good family men, most likely.

The Falcons feel as though they improved their team and accomplished what they wanted to. They addressed a need at cornerback by drafting A.J. Terrell from Clemson, albeit a bit of a reach. They then addressed their defensive line need with the solid pick of Marlon Davidson from Auburn.

Third-round pick Matt Hennessey out of Temple should be the center of the future once Alex Mack retires. Both fourth-round picks – linebacker Mykal Walker form Fresno State and safety Jaylinn Hawkins from Cal – provide depth at both positions. Hopefully, Walker can step in immediately for De’Vondra Campbell, get some valuable snaps and learn on the fly.

The Falcons had a plan laid out and knew they had to address defense in this draft, which they mostly did. Whether or not any of these players will have a major impact from day one, is yet to be determined.

Falcons nation witnessed Atlanta Falcons’ virtual draft with no flaws that we were aware of. The team came out of the draft to mixed results. Overall, it was a successful draft, but nobody truly knows until these six players step on the field.

Drafting a punter in the seventh round was a bit of a head-scratcher – Sterling Hofrichter from Syracuse. Although he has a strong leg, perhaps the Falcons could have addressed their depth further at the linebacker or cornerback position.

Whether it’s the virtual draft format or the regular big stage, red carpet over the top show, Falcons brass has one underlying objective. This is to draft successful, impact players who will step in from day one hopefully and get the necessary snaps and experience.

To Dimitroff, Quinn, and Blank, it makes no difference where the draft is held and in what format. Less is more in this case for the Falcons and throughout the entire league.

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Moving forward, we should only be subjected to watching a successful Atlanta Falcons’ virtual draft format. Seeing the raw emotion of coaches, general managers, owners, and players with their families from their homes was much more genuine.