Matt Ryan continues to be the most disrespected player in the NFL

Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Matt Ryan should not have to wait for his career to be over and his bust added to the halls of Canton for him to be appreciated as one of the greats of the game.

Since his draft day in 2008, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has been putting up numbers. Whether it was earlier in his career as a young quarterback learning his way around the league or as a veteran with more than a decade of elite play to his name, he airs the ball out and gives the Falcons a chance to win the game.

“Why” Ryan is continuously disrespected by so many people is a question many would like to know the answer to.

Before Ryan joined the Falcons, the franchise was a complete mess. After the Michael Vick situation and the Bobby Petrino debacle, it was Ryan who helped usher in the most successful stretch by far in team history.

His numbers speak for themselves.

In 12 seasons, Ryan has amassed 51,186 yards and was the second-fastest quarterback behind Drew Brees to reach this milestone. His 321 touchdowns have him ranked 11th all-time with at least 3-4 prime seasons left. He’s been an All-Pro and an MVP yet no one respects him.

Critics are quick to say the lack of success by the Falcons is because of the play of Ryan on the field even though the past two years he’s thrown 61 touchdowns with close to a 3:1 touchdown to interception ratio behind a questionable offensive line and no running game.

His 2018 season might have been just as good as his MVP season.

NFL players know how elite Matt Ryan is

Recently, All-Pro receiver Deandre Hopkins came out said that if he had Matt Ryan his entire career, that his numbers would be better than they are. How is it NFL players know Matt Ryan’s worth but no one around Atlanta does?

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We know Matt Ryan hasn’t won a Super Bowland it is time to stop blaming him for the loss back in 2016. No one is saying Matt Ryan is the best quarterback of all time. Over the past decade, Ryan has been a Top 5 quarterback and the numbers reflect that.

Stop disrespecting Matt Ryan because he doesn’t deserve it.