The Atlanta Falcons might be using Takk Mckinley the wrong way

Takkarist McKinley Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Takkarist McKinley Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

Atlanta Falcons defensive end Takk McKinley hasn’t had the best start to his career and has one more shot at showing the team what he has.

While Takk McKinley has been solid for the Atlanta Falcons and has been able to make a few plays, his numbers don’t reflect those of a former first-round draft selection.

The Atlanta Falcons elected not to pick up his fifth-year option which could have been a result of a lesson learned from the Vic Beasley situation. He will have this year to prove to the front office and the fans that he belongs in an Atlanta Falcons uniform moving forward.

McKinley has no issues putting pressure on the quarterback. While pressure is important, at some point that has to turn into actual sacks. Vic Beasley was great at almost getting to the quarterback and even his production was better than what we have seen from Takk.

The Falcons added Dante Fowler and drafted Marlon Davidson to help take some attention off of McKinley which could make like easier for the young defensive end.

Atlanta Falcons coaching staff needs a different approach

This might not go over well with some of the readers but what if instead of having Takk rush the quarterback with the hand on the ground, they turn Takk into a stand-up rusher?

No one can debate the fact the McKinley is very quick and athletic. While he still needs to develop pass-rushing moves, allowing him to use his quickness could result in higher sack numbers as possibly more quarterback pressures as well.

McKinley played at roughly 250 pounds when he played for UCLA. Because he was playing against college athletes, his lack of strength was never on display like it is now. In the NFL, the top end pass rushers are able to use both speed and strength in a myriad of ways in order to get the quarterback. Takk lacks is this way much like Beasley did.

There’s no doubt that Takk McKinley is talented but once again the Falcons haven’t always done the best in putting their players in the best position to make plays.

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They tried to turn Beasley into a hand on the ground type of pass rusher and we all see how that turned out. At this point, we know what Mckinley is and what he isn’t. He’s not built to be a power rusher so maybe the Atlanta Falcons need to stop trying to make him one for the time being and let him use his best asset.