The Atlanta Falcons dream team starting offense

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The Atlanta Falcons dream team has to have Matt Ryan as the quarterback. There is no debate. He is the greatest quarterback the team has ever had and possibly will ever have, so obviously, he will be the starting quarterback for the dream team.

When all is said and done, Ryan will easily hold the majority of, if not all of the major records for an Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

At running back, the honor has to go to Gerald Riggs. This was an extremely difficult decision, but ultimately, Riggs was the right pick. He is the organization all-time leading rusher and ran through teams throughout the 1980s, giving fans a reason to be excited for an organization that had not seen much winning at all throughout the late 1960s and 1970s.

He was a very consistent runner and gave it his all for the team while he was here, ultimately leading to being honored in the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor.

The starting full back for the Atlanta Falcons dream team is Ovie Mughelli. Mughelli came to the Atlanta Falcons from the Baltimore Ravens in 2007, already an experienced player who was a Pro Bowler in 2006.

He was a great blocker, and a great weapon on the ground and through the air if needed. He earned a Pro Bowl nod in 2010 and spent five great seasons here in Atlanta.