Todd Gurley passing his physical is important first step


The Atlanta Falcons confirmed this week that Todd Gurley had passed his physical after months of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While this is obviously great news, Todd Gurley’s knee is still a huge question mark that everyone involved with the organization and medical staff have to continue to monitor.

Gurley passing his physical was an important first step and more than likely something that the Atlanta Falcons were not too concerned about, otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed him. Nonetheless, passing the physical was important to give the team some confidence that Gurley can still be a threat coming out of the backfield.

After all, his knee hasn’t completely hindered his football skills. If anything, Gurley can still be a great running back in the league, even if he never returns to his MVP form. He can still be a very useful and productive running back.

The big questions about his health and knee still remain and will constantly be debated throughout the duration of the 2020 season. Nobody doubts his ability, it’s just nobody knows how he will fare as the season progresses.

Passing his physical is a big first step and with the right training and preparation, he could be able to perform at a high enough level to be able to give the Atlanta Falcons something they haven’t had in a couple of years, a prominent and productive rushing attack. It should of upmost importance to keep tabs on his condition and health

If the Atlanta Falcons can get around 10 touchdowns and 900-1,000 yards from Gurley, I think pretty much everyone would call that a great season for a guy who still has gas in the tank regardless of his knee condition.

The Atlanta Falcons have other weapons in the backfield as well to take the load off of Gurley and that will do wonders for both the team and Gurley.

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Now that the physical is over with, we can look forward to seeing how he looks and performs in practice, possibly pre-season, and most importantly, the regular season.