Matt Ryan is taking “In brotherhood” to a new level

Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Matt Ryan is taking action in the Atlanta community in order to help leave the city in a better place than it was when he arrived.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has always been big about giving back to the communities. He has made many generous to various charities most recently helping COVID-19 victims communicate with their loved one.

His franchise quarterback is following suit giving back to the community but in a different way. He started a GoFundMe with a $500,000 donation of his own with the hope of raising at least $2 million for the black community in Atlanta.

Currently, they have raised more than $1.2 million over the first several days.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan made a statement about the protest regarding the murder of George Floyd. With the Atlanta Falcons having a large African American fan base, he said the words that they would hope their franchise quarterback would express.

Ryan understands. Ryan understands why there is so much unrest and even admits he doesn’t “fully understand the depth and complexity of these issues because of the color of my skin.” It those types of things that make Matt Ryan a great leader even in the locker room.

Saying things like he’s committed to doing what he can including “listening and learning with all humility and compassion” are the type of things those who are protesting want to hear.

Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the NFC South off the field

Recently, Saints quarterback Drew Brees made some remarks regarding the demonstration that was started by Colin Kaepernick which receive a lot of negative backlash from other high-profile athletes in the sports world and even some of his own teammates. This is not a shot at Brees by any means, but his remarks could have started some issues with the team and most importantly the city of New Orleans, that just like Atlanta, has a big African American fan base as well.

You don’t have to like Matt Ryan, the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons but Matt Ryan, the person, you must tip your hat off to. “In Brotherhood” is a phrase that the Atlanta Falcons have been using in recent years. Ryan has taken “In Brotherhood” to a new level.

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The “brotherhood” is no longer limited to the guys that line up on the football field on Sundays for the Falcons. “Brotherhood” stretches far beyond the city limits of Atlanta. “Brotherhood” now extends out to everyone to those who want answers, those who want equality.

Like Matt Ryan stated in his Instagram post “it’s the least I can do. IT is the least WE all can do.

Kudos to you Matt Ryan.