Terrell Suggs should be a target for the Atlanta Falcons

Terrell Suggs #94 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Terrell Suggs #94 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons have struggled with rushing the passer in recent years. Signing a veteran to help with that could help in more ways than one.

The Atlanta Falcons decides to decline the fifth-year option for the defensive end, Takk McKinley, meaning they could be at wit’s end with him. Bringing in someone like Terrell Suggs could help him tremendously.

Suggs could also be something like a coach on the field. Someone with that much experience could do a lot for a young defense especially as a Super Bowl champion and a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Adding Suggs would also mean having an accomplished pass rusher who is smart on the defensive side of the ball and could also be used in pass-rushing situations when the pass rush just isn’t getting through.

Veteran leadership has worked well for the Atlanta Falcons in the past.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Falcons brought in a veteran to help with the pass rush. In 2016, they brought in Dwight Freeney on a one year deal and it’s probably no coincidence that Vic Beasley had the best season of his career when he led the NFL in sacks.

Being taken under the wing of a veteran is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only could Suggs have an impact on McKinley, but he could also do the same with Dante Fowler as well.

Suggs could end up being one of the best deals a team could make in the offseason due to his price not being so high just like with Todd Gurley. With two Super Bowl rings, he brings instant credibility for the younger guys and could really set the tone for a group that includes a lot of young guys looking to turn their career around.

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The big question would be if Suggs wants to join a team like the Falcons. They didn’t have the best season last year and maybe he wants a shot at going to another Super Bowl. The Falcons have the potential to definitely get there and Terrell Suggs could play a big role in that.