Play has to reflect confidence for Matt Ryan in 2020

Matt Ryan has voiced his opinion on his expectations for the 2020 season, now the team has to go execute.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has taken a lot of flak from fans over the years because of the perception that he isn’t vocal enough and therefore could not possibly be a good leader; people actually want to see more verbalization and smack talk from him. (We can social media for that ridiculous demand)

Over the years, we have seen Matt uncharacteristically express himself in ways that we had not seen before. Like in 2012 when he told the Panthers in Week 4 to “get the f*** off (his) field” or a couple seasons ago when he told Julio Jones to “get f****g set”.

Earlier this week, the Falcons quarterback joined Pardon My Take on the Barstool Network and let everyone know that he has high expectations for himself as well as the club.

“Uhh, shit, you know I can’t do that, I’ll get roasted for it. But I’m going to say we’re going to win 12 games.”

If the Atlanta Falcons can win 12 games in 2020, Matt Ryan will finish in the Top 3 of the MVP race and will have a legit chance to win it for the second time in the last five seasons.

Matt went on to say he thought he was the best quarterback in the NFC South, which even if he was half-joking, is the type of confidence you want in your veteran quarterback as he is set to face off against two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Matt Ryan’s play in 2020 needs to reflect his confidence

With all the expectations placed on the franchise in 2020 by owner Arthur Blank, the Falcons need Matt Ryan to be as confident as he is and more importantly he needs to play like he has over the last couple of seasons.

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The 2020 Falcons will go as far as Matt Ryan leads them. Yes, there are questions at certain positions and there are holes that have to be filled on both sides of the ball. The overall talent it takes to make a deep run in the playoffs is on the roster and Matt Ryan has to be the one to lead them.

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