Julio Jones should be the highest rated receiver in Madden 21

Julio Jones will see his Madden rating drop from a year ago.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan received a rating of 87 in Madden 21 and most people are in agreement with that. EA decided to release the wide receiver ratings this morning and Julio Jones was not the best receiver in the game.

There is little doubt that the receiver is the best in the league with his only real competition being Deandre Hopkins. When it comes to the wide receiver position, Jones is the total package.

Jones has the size, speed, agility, and strength and not many receivers can say they possess all those traits and put up the numbers he has especially with ”mediocre” quarterback throwing him the ball.

Some people will say that Michael Thomas deserves to be the best receiver on Madden because of the numbers he put up last season. Once again, Thomas is not a better receiver than Julio Jones and doesn’t do one thing better than Jones or Hopkins.

Last season, Jones probably had the quietest 99 receptions, 1,394-yard season ever because everyone was caught up with Drew Brees throwing slants to Thomas all season. The number of receptions was incredible, but his yardage was laughable given the reception record.

Last season when the Falcons played the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald, who might be one of the top five to ever play the game of football, called Julio the GOAT. When someone of that stature compliments you in that fashion, there should be no competition.

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This isn’t many to disrespect some of the best receivers in the NFL like Hopkins, Thomas, Davonte Adams, Mike Evans, and Tyreek Hill but the proof is on the pudding, Julio is just simply better. Hopefully, the Madden raters won’t let the numbers fool them and go off the eye test.

While Julio Jones didn’t end up being part of the 99 overall club in Madden, he should be the best at the receiver position.

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