Atlanta Falcons: A couple players made MAJOR changes this offseason

If offseason conditioning is any indication, the Atlanta Falcons defensive line is going to be elite in 2020.

Former Atlanta Falcons first-round pick Takk McKinley has a lot to prove in 2020. After the franchise decided not to pick up his fifth-year option, he did exactly what everyone was hoping he would – he went to work.

Takk has spent this offseason in the weight room looking to take his game to the next level and if his on the field success replicates what he has accomplished, he is going to have a helluva 2020 season.

Since May 4th, Takk has lost more than 20 pounds while re-sculpting his body as he gets ready for another NFL season. His Instagram video is worth watching.

As he enters the last year of his rookie deal, McKinley is essential on a one year show me deal as he looks to cash in this next offseason and collect a generation changing contract. While he has shown flashes of the talent that made the Falcons take him in the first round of 2017, he has never been able to play with consistency on the field and if he is going to cash in on his second NFL contract, that has to change for him in 2020.

Takk isn’t the only Atlanta Falcons player to hit the weight room this offseason.

While every NFL player works out religiously, some simply do it better and Grady Jarrett is an example of this. If you have not seen recent pictures of the Atlanta Falcons sixth-year defensive tackle, take a look here –

Grady looks like the Hulk, which is appropriate given that is exactly how he has played over his first five seasons in Atlanta.

While living in the weight room is no guarantee or predictor of success at least these guys are putting in the time, effort, and energy that it takes to be great on the field. With the futures of many riding on the 2020 season, it’s great to see that Falcons players are taking a much different approach than they have in previous years.