Atlanta Falcons uniforms look better than expected

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Upon further inspection, the new Atlanta Falcons uniforms look even better than expected.

The Atlanta Falcons Twitter page recently released photos of several players donning the new-look all-black uniforms that were announced early this year. Not only do the uniforms look great, but they also do a splendid job of signifying the new era of Falcons football, an era that will start with arguably the most talented roster the Atlanta Falcons have ever put on the field.

A lot of fans were complaining about the new uniforms when they were revealed a few months ago. I for one believe these new uniforms are great. They aren’t next level, out of this world great or anything, but they are easy on the eyes and look great on the players. That’s really all you can ask for when it comes to a uniform.

While there are still comments saying the Atlanta Falcons new jerseys look like arena football jerseys, it seems as though fan reaction has eased up a bit, with some fans even changing their opinions on the jerseys.

I was skeptical when the Atlanta Falcons announced they were working on new jerseys. Nobody knew what to expect and when they were revealed, to say the reaction was mixed would be an understatement. My original opinion was that they looked pretty good for the most part, especially all black and all white combos, but even my reaction has become warmer.

The uniforms look great and are honestly a breath of fresh air. It seems like the organization is finally trying to boost fan interest and excitement after back-to-back seasons of disappointment and mediocre fan attendance and these uniforms are a part of this fresh new look.

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Everything is coming together for the Atlanta Falcons as the 2020 season draws near. Many of the guys have made it clear that this is now a different team with more talent, confidence, and trust in one another than what we have seen in recent years. Now it is time for the fans to come together as one because no amount of complaining is going to change the design of the uniforms. The designs look great and they will look even better on game day.