Atlanta Falcons could be in store for another classic on Sunday


The Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks have played in many classics against one another over the last eight years.

The Atlanta Falcons will open the 2020 season against their rivals from the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Seahawks. These teams have played in a number of classics over the years and the game Sunday is shaping up to be yet another classic.

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of another 7-9 season filled with disappointment, while the Seahawks are coming off of a 12-6 season that saw the season end at the hands of the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. Neither team ended the season with where they wanted to be and will look to make it to the big game this season.

Last season, the Seahawks defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27-20. Matt Ryan missed the game due to injury, with Matt Schaub taking over quarterbacking duties. Schaub threw for 460 yards, but the game lacked the excitement as it usually does due to the Seahawks marching out to an early 24-0 lead, with the Falcons playing catchup the rest of the game.

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The Atlanta Falcons have to start off fast in 2020.

This opening season matchup will be different as the Atlanta Falcons will have Matt Ryan, and an overall better team with new pieces added along the defensive line and defensive backfield.

The offensive line for the Atlanta Falcons also looks improved, which is great news considering Ryan spent the majority of last season on his back or running around like a headless chicken trying to avoid a sack.

The Seahawks lost Jadeveon Clowney, but they added help on both sides of the ball as they look to reach the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2014-2015 season.

This game will be decided the same way as the rest of the Ryan vs Wilson games, who can make the pivotal stops and plays throughout the game.

Both teams will put up points, so it will come down to that one big stop or moment in the game, like the Seahawks botching the field goal attempt in 2017 that ultimately helped give the Atlanta Falcons the 34-31 win, or the game-saving deflection (or missed pass interference call if you’re a Falcons fan) in 2016 that gave the Seahawks the 26-24 win.

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This is an important early-season game for both teams that is made all the more meaningful when looking at both team’s difficult schedules for the rest of the season. Fans of both sides can expect another classic in this rivalry and, if the season goes well for both, this may not be the last time these two teams see each other this season.