Stop with the Lamar Jackson would be better than Matt Ryan nonsense

The fallout for the Atlanta Falcons continues with more outlandish takes and opinions on social media.

By now, Atlanta Falcons fans fall into two categories – 1. Matt Ryan is the problem or 2. Matt Ryan is far from perfect but is doing his job just fine and gives the Falcons their best chance to win. There is no middle ground at this point.

His detractors love to tell everyone that his stats and numbers are nothing but “garbage time stats” simply because the team lost. The fact is, Matt embodies what everyone wishes their quarterback would do and that is battle until the final horn blows.

As stupid as that statement is, and it’s a favorite among his haters that claim to love the Falcons, the even worse argument that is being seen everywhere for the second straight year is that the Atlanta Falcons are garbage because they passed on Lamar Jackson in 2018.

This statement should be a signal to everyone around you that you have zero ideas what it takes to play football let alone be successful at it.

Had Lamar Jackson been drafted by the Falcons in 2018 instead of Calvin Ridley, Jackson would be sitting on the Falcons practice squad at the moment and not electrifying NFL fans all over the country.

What makes Lamar so effective is that he went to a team with an offensive coordinator that was able to see what makes Lamar so damn special and designed his offense around those traits. Greg Roman did something as an offensive coordinator that most coaches will never do – he put his ego to the side and decided to make his offense fit a player and not force a player to fit an offense.

This is a reason that really talented QBs around the league struggle, they are surrounded by coaches who don’t take into consideration what they do best, and yet this is one of Matt Ryan’s best traits and one that fans give him zero credit for – adaptability.

Matt Ryan is the best option for the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt has had four offensive coordinators during his career – all with very different schemes and ideas on what success looks like. Yet, Matt Ryan has been able to put up NFL record-setting numbers and win a lot of football games in an Atlanta Falcons uniform.

No, he hasn’t won a damn Super Bowl, but fans need to start blaming the defensive coordinators he has had as head coaches who can’t figure out how to build championship-level defenses.

When you look at QB’s like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Russell Wilson, they have had a very limited turnover in their offensive philosophies. Drew Brees has had the same coordinator his entire run in New Orleans – remember he was almost out of the league before landing there.

For Tom Brady’s entire run in New England, even when an OC would leave, Bill Belicheck promoted from within so the offense never changed. Until 2019, Aaron Rodgers had the same luxury as Brady in Green Bay. Russell Wilson has had just two OC’s during his 9 years in Seattle.

Stability matters and instead of realizing Matt Ryan has done what he has without that, the Atlanta Falcons have fans that want to live in some alternate universe that believes their OC that cannot scheme Todd Gurley into a game would somehow make Lamar Jackson great.

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Matt Ryan has his limitations like every NFL QB, but they are not nearly as bad as fans on social media would have you think. These fans will find out very soon that the grass isn’t always greener and they will look back wishing that they spent more time appreciating Matt Ryan instead of wanting to replace him.

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