Atlanta Falcons: It’s time to stop gas lighting the fans

Atlanta Falcons fans should be tired of the gaslighting coming from the team and organization.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Dan Quinn and Co. are “pissed and hungry” following yet another loss, albeit in the season opener and at home. (Though, not quite sure the lack of fans made any difference in the Atlanta Falcons play against the Seattle Seahawks.)

How many times over the past few seasons have we heard this phrase, heard a commitment to what the team was going to do the next week in practice, only to come out and see the same old same old?

Fans love pointing to the fact that the year the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl in 2016, they lost their season opener. That’s starting to look more like an anomaly than a trend.

Excuses from the Atlanta Falcons organization are no longer acceptable.

As the Falcons have continued to lose game one and not turn it around and get hot until it’s too late. They can’t afford to do that this year as New Orleans brings back their strong roster and Tampa Bay might be competent for the first time since Warren Sapp was on their team.

The excuses are no longer acceptable. Matt Ryan threw for 450 yards and three receivers had more than 100 yards receiving and they lost. Matt Schaub did the same thing against Seattle last year throwing for 460 yards in a losing effort.

There is no longer a valid excuse for how that happens two years in a row. Dan Quinn kept his job after that loss before turning it around. But now there is no bye week to course correct.

Last year, Atlanta put up 30 in back to back weeks and lost both games. What was the excuse then? Ah, Quinn was pissed and fed up. But it’s clear not much has changed. The play calling remains anemic, the weapons are still there, but the results aren’t. As Blogging Dirty told you,  DQ’s seat is already hot.  But then to act as if this is all part of the plan press conference after press conference?

C’mon Arthur Blank, you should demand better.

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It would be great to be able to write this off as, “Hey, it’s just one game. You can’t win them all.” But Falcons fans have seen just one game turn into a downward season spiral year after year and with the talent they have, being pissed off and fed up just isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

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