You can’t blame Matt Ryan for the Falcons 0-2 start

Matt Ryan is not to blame for the Falcons 0-2 start.

There are a lot of Falcons fans that like to throw the blame at Matt Ryan every time the Falcons lose. After what just took place against the Cowboys, what do they have to say now?

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback turned in another fine performance against the Cowboys. Ryan went 24 of 36 with 278 yards and four touchdowns. For those who say he doesn’t make enough plays out of the pocket, he also chipped in 16 yards and averaged more yards per rush than Todd Gurley.

Yes, Ryan might have missed some throws but every quarterback does. At the end of the day, this offense put up 39 points. Let’s not forget to mention the run game was average at best today and Julio Jones was hampered by injury.

When the defense put the offense in a good position, MattRyan made sure to take advantage of it.

When the injuries to the defense started to take place and the defense forgot what their objective was, it was Matt Ryan who tried his best to keep the Falcons in the lead. A simple special teams play is the reason why the Falcons are 0-2 instead of 1-1 and now jobs are on the line.

Dirk Koetter is a trash offensive coordinator just like he was a trash head coach. Dan Quinn doesn’t have the gall to hold people accountable for their mistakes and now all you get is a ring around the rosy of people making mistakes and getting second chances.

Through two games this season, Ryan has 723 yards passing, six touchdowns, one interception, a 67.8 completion percentage, and a 109.6 quarterback rating. Why do people constantly place the blame on Ryan when this team doesn’t win a game?

In a normal world, even with the worst defense, 39 points all but guarantees a win. Stop trashing the best quarterback in franchise history. If it wasn’t for Ryan, this team would have been even worse over the last decade.

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Without Matt Ryan, there would have been no Tony Gonzalez, no Julio Jones highlights, no NFC championship game appearances, and no Super Bowl appearance. Matt hasn’t been perfect but he has been damn good and it is time for people to stop blaming him every time his defense and his coaching staff let us down.