The Atlanta Falcons continue to frustrate and flounder

The Atlanta Falcons are running out of ways to lose.

If Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank hadn’t seen enough from the Falcons entering this week against Carolina, that’s fine. But this performance just gave Dan Quinn the final nail in the coffin.

We saw the two blown leads, the Falcons followed that by getting embarrassed on national television by the Green Bay Packers. Sure you can blame injuries, and unhealthy Julio, no preseason, COVID-19, no fans – choose your pick. But every team has had to deal with these settings and this situation.

The bottom line is there is no excuse. There is no reason to not win two games with a double-digit lead. There’s no reason to drop your first three home games. There’s no excuse to not even show up on Monday night, but Arthur Blank still hadn’t seen enough.

The mandate was to get to the playoffs. This isn’t the MLB or NBA where you can go on a 10 game slide and still find your way back.

Atlanta Falcons flopped despite having room to fail.

Every game in the NFL matters and the league even added an extra playoff spot. The Atlanta Falcons didn’t need to be 13-3 or 12-4. A 10-6 record would’ve gotten them in but after their performance Sunday, you can kiss that goodbye. Keep in mind, the Falcons still have to see the Saints and Bucs twice and the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. That’s at least three losses right there.

The one defense for not making a move? Who the hell on this staff can take over and do any better? Raheem Morris who has been in charge of the defense should see the door with Quinn after this game.

Fans knew there would be growing pains but the mistakes Atlanta makes are just shades of poor coaching. No communication missed tackles, and out of position. Rookies or vets, it doesn’t matter, the Falcons are an undisciplined and awful football team.

They squandered a masterpiece from Todd Gurley. And what’s worse is the Falcons showed life after Julio Jones is going to be rough. Calvin Ridley is a stud but makes no mistake about it, he struggles without the presence of Julio. The Falcons should’ve come into this game a desperate team. They talked all week about their backs being against the wall and how they needed to come out fighting.

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For the fifth time this season, we saw a team that failed to put together a complete game. And why there would be no changes made, a trade, a coaching change, something, shows nobody in this organization is serious about winning.