Atlanta Falcons: Potential 2021 first round pick

Atlanta Falcons are going to rebuild sooner than later.

It looks like the Atlanta Falcons are in a culture hole that is so deep that is touching the inner core of the earth. It is evident that this team has no command or directive to win at all, it hurts to watch games this season.

As such, we do not the direction the new regime of the head coach and general manager will go this offseason with the draft.

The door is wide open for the Atlanta Falcons to pick whoever, the new regime may make a splash to excite the fanbase, or they may go with a safe pick to shore up some major holes. However, we will have to see where the falcons are picking to make a sound decision on they can pick, but as of now, we can look at prospects that will help the falcons.

Micah Parsons is an interesting prospect he can and will help the Atlanta Falcons linebacking core reach brand new heights.

Micah is a 6’3″, a 240-pound linebacker that has athleticism and explosiveness is very much of the charts for a guy at his position, however, just do not take my word for it.

Kyle Crabbs of thedraftnetwork has a lot to say about this talent.

Special athlete with special instincts. He moves at a different pace than the rest of the defense — pairing a fast trigger with explosive mobility and seamless transitions to flip and react out of his read steps. He’s lightning quick off the edge and was a former defensive end in high school — so there’s added rush value here that shouldn’t be overlooked in his game.

Although he does have some things he can work on, not every prospect comes out of college like Patrick Willis. He can falter a little bit in coverage due to being a converted defensive end, it looks like he has to learn how to cover man and zone. As said by Kyle Crabbs of thedraftnetwork.

You’d probably like to see him more consistent as a tackler on stretch plays but then again he’s hitting landmarks to disrupt flow that many other linebackers wouldn’t dream of. He’s not overly exposed to turn and run coverage and there have been a few instances of teams getting athletic linebackers paired on him and successfully attacking him in coverage.

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Additionally, he already opted out of this college football season, so general managers will be doing a lot of homework with this prospect. However, if they like and fall in love with the person and the football player then take him. He can be a very special player that can flourish in the new Atlanta Falcons ecosystem.