Three takeaways from the first half of the Atlanta Falcons season

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Stop blowing fourth-quarter leads, please.

Fans of this franchise have been wishing for this for the entirety of the Dan Quinn era, and it still hasn’t been granted. The 2020 season has been ruined because of blown leads, and it has to stop.

Quinn is gone, and the team has done a little better at holding late-game leads, but the lingering feeling of blowing a lead is still there for every Atlanta Falcons fan. The next coaching staff that comes in has to get rid of this notion and implement a new mindset that the team can, and will, finish teams off.

Teams blow leads, that’s not the issue. It’s blowing leads on a consistent basis that has us fans upset. Finish games off consistently, and we will let one or two slip-ups scattered throughout the season pass, but not four or five in a span of only nine games.

Raheem Morris has done a better job of implementing a finishing mentality, but with that being said, the team still blew a 22-16 lead to the Detroit Lions a few weeks back.

Enough with the choking, it’s time the team gets a coach and players who know how to finish, otherwise, the team will continue to be the laughing stock of the league, right up there with the New York Jets and Los Angeles Chargers.