The Atlanta Falcons need to value draft position over wins

The Atlanta Falcons are 3-1 under Raheem Morris.

The Atlanta Falcons have to decide what they are going to play for during the second half of the season. If anything, last year’s end and this year’s beginning taught us what we already knew. Momentum doesn’t carry over season to season.

If only Arthur Blank realized that, Dan Quinn would’ve been gone sooner and the Falcons probably don’t start 0-5, they probably wouldn’t have blown as many leads and maybe would be thinking playoffs right now. But that’s water under a very low-lying bridge.

Here are the facts. Atlanta started 1-7 last year and ended with a nice 6-2 run. As part of that run, they beat the 49ers and Saints on the road, they dropped two lousy games at home against division opponents and they played themselves out of a top-five draft spot. They shouldn’t make the same mistake again this year.

Like it or not, Atlanta needs to build for the future while also giving this core of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones one more meaningful shot. That’s a tricky position with a new coach and general manager coming in.

If the Falcons move on from Raheem Morris, that makes it even more difficult. In the past the Atlanta Falcons played for the Brotherhood, now they need to play for the future.

The only thing winning helps is Raheem Morris during exit interviews.

Atlanta still has the Saints and Buccaneers twice and the Kansas City Chiefs. There is no harm in losing those five games. What do the Falcons gain by beating three surefire playoff teams?

The Jets will continue to struggle, as will the Broncos, Chargers, and Bengals. Heck, even the Cowboys and Washington Football Team. The Falcons would need a miracle and then some luck to make the playoffs and even IF they did, you’re looking at an early exit.

Look, he took a team with dashed playoff hopes, inferior talent, and a non-existent pass rush and beat the mighty Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Jameis Winston. (Drew Brees will miss at least one of the matchups due to injuries.) Even if they do finish strong, we have no reason to believe it’ll carry over into next season.

You aren’t the 2017 Cleveland Browns and you aren’t the dysfunctional Jets, but you are a team that needs an infusion of either young, dependable talent or veterans that make a difference. And dropping in the draft just to play spoiler along the way isn’t worth it. If anything, now isn’t the time to play like the team you should’ve been playing as six weeks ago.