The Atlanta Falcons were the most disappointing team in 2020


The Atlanta Falcons were the most disappointing team in the NFL in 2020.

Coming off of back-to-back 7-9 seasons, the general consensus across the NFL was the Atlanta Falcons would finish with around the same record. Among some fans of the Atlanta Falcons, however, the expectations were high.

A team coming off coaching changeups, personnel additions, and some confidence after compiling four straight wins to end the 2019 season could finally have the team back into a powerhouse. However, the team ended up performing worse record-wise than they had the last two seasons.

Finishing the season with a 4-12 record was not the expectation anyone had. Bringing back Dan Quinn proved to be a catastrophic mistake, as well as signing Dante Fowler Jr., who has been virtually useless.

Todd Gurley proved to be a good signing for the first half of the season, but since his 53 yard, one-touchdown performance against the Denver Broncos, he has barely played and has been ineffective when he has, which one can assume is due to his knee problem. Don’t expect to see Gurley in an Atlanta Falcons uniform in 2021.

Raheem Morris as defensive coordinator was disastrous, but he and Jeff Ulbrich managed to somewhat turn things around once he took over as interim head coach and Ulbrich took over as the defensive coordinator.

While the team was more competitive and didn’t look as lost as it did during its 0-5 start, they still managed to lose close games, finishing an abysmal 0-7 in one-score games. Morris did an admirable job, but he is not the man for the position. This team needs a complete coaching overhaul and culture change.

Dirk Koetter is another big reason for the Atlanta Falcons’ lack of success this season, specifically in the red zone. I think we can all agree that seeing him go will be a cause for great celebration. The organization should have never hired him back in the first place and that decision has proven to be a massive misstep.

Coaching and the front office have been the biggest issues with this team for a few years now, and are the primary reasons why this team finished 4-12. Now that changes are finally being made, this team should be able to reach its full potential under the right guidance and leadership.

The Atlanta Falcons have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, and with the addition of a couple of pass rushers, a good running back, and a corner, this team could once again find itself in the playoffs and competing for the NFC South title.

The Atlanta Falcons are not nearly as bad as the record indicates, and that is why the team should be considered the most disappointing team in 2020.

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