Atlanta Falcons: This GM-Head Coach combination wins Super Bowls

This GM-Head Coach combination wins Super Bowls for the Atlanta Falcons

If the Atlanta Falcons want to win Super Bowls, they’ve got to have their eyes set on a GM-head coaching combination that can change the culture and make this a franchise synonymous with winning and continuous competition.

The Atlanta Falcons are currently conducting interviews for the open GM and head coaching positions that they have available and there have been some exciting names, as well as some real duds, thrown out as potential targets.

As we progress over the next few weeks, we should see the Falcons begin to ‘zero in’ on their top candidates and shortly after that, offers will be made.

If the Falcons are wanting to win Super Bowls, though, there is one combination of GM and head coach that needs to be strongly considered and it’s this: Eric Bieniemy as head coach and Terry Fontenot as the general manager.

A winning combination that can change things for the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons need to look for proven candidates who can succeed and make an impact for them at a structural level.

Bieniemy has already proven what he can do as a coach and his understanding of the game. He’s a guy who can come in and immediately improve the Falcons through decision-making and development.

So, why Fontenot?

Many Falcons fans don’t want to have anything to do with him simply because he’s from the Saints tree. I’m here to tell you that if you’re not wanting to make this hire because of the fact he was with a rival, you are missing out on what he could potential bring to Atlanta.

Fontenot is a talented evaluator and a guy who understands what it takes to build a roster that wins consistently year-in and year-out. In addition, the Falcons would be taking him away from their rival in the Saints, which is always fun, as well.

Put these two men together and you’ve got a chance to build a special franchise over the course of the next decade.