Atlanta Falcons will be tempted in the first round of the NFL Draft


The Atlanta Falcons will be tempted to take a quarterback in 2021.

There is a plethora of potentially great talent in this year’s quarterback draft class, and for a team like the Atlanta Falcons who are in need of a backup/future starting quarterback, the front office will be tempted to cash in at the four spot and snag themselves a future star.

General Manager Terry Fontenot, speaking to the “Huddle and Flow” podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche, said that organizations should always bring in quarterbacks, whether it’s in the draft, free agency, or signing guys off the street.

This is an interesting statement and is one that raises some questions.

With the fourth pick in the draft, that means the Atlanta Falcons are in a prime spot to draft one of these young quarterbacks. Would the team use this spot to snag a player at this position, or would they wait until later in the draft?

To draft a quarterback or sign one in free agency.

Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is almost certainly going to be the first pick in the draft, but what about the other quarterbacks? BYU’s Zach Wilson is receiving a lot of love, and Ohio State’s Justin Fields is still among the most highly touted prospects.

One of the two of these guys will be available at four.

Other names like North Dakota State’s Trey lance, Alabama’s Mac Jones, and Florida’s Kyle Trask are all potentially starting NFL quarterbacks as well, or at least a solid backup, something the Atlanta Falcons need.

Matt Ryan is still playing at a high level and will for certain be the team’s starting quarterback in 2021, but the Atlanta Falcons have to keep in mind that this team does not have a good backup quarterback.

If something were to happen to Ryan, the season would most certainly be over. It is as simple as that. Ryan will also turn 36 in May. He isn’t getting any younger, and it would be a great idea to have one of these young guys learn under Ryan for a couple of seasons.

It’s no secret that this team has a lot of needs, these being a starting running back, edge rusher, offensive linemen, and a corner. These are huge needs that should be addressed in order to get the Atlanta Falcons to where they should be in 2021.

It has been and will continue to be, hotly debated among fans which of these potions should be addressed. However, one could assume that based on Fontenot’s comments that he could be taking the best player available, regardless of position.

If Fields or Wilson is available at four, either one could be wearing a Falcons uniform next season. This would not be a bad decision because right now there is only Ryan.

It’s safe to say that this upcoming draft and free agency period will make or break the 2021 Atlanta Falcons. Let’s hope it will be the former.

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