Atlanta Falcons: Are you sold on Justin Fields as a franchise QB?

Are you sold on Justin Fields as a franchise quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons?

There is no prospect who has been connected to the Atlanta Falcons more than QB Justin Fields when looking at NFL Mock Draft throughout the last couple of months.

No matter what publication you look at- CBS, Bleacher Report, ESPN, The Draft Network, etc.- you’ve seen a mock draft with the Atlanta Falcons selecting Fields with the No. 4 overall pick and many fans think that makes sense. Even the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s latest mock draft had the Falcons taking Field No. 4 overall.

So, the question is this: Are you sold on Fields as a franchise quarterback?

The Atlanta Falcons can’t afford to flop on this pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

You shouldn’t have a top-five pick all that often if your franchise is operating as it should and when you do, you absolutely have to capitalize.

Matt Ryan still has three seasons (counting 2021) left on his contract, but the Falcons could elect to move on- or he could choose to retire- before then. That’s why many fans are clamoring for them to find the next answer at quarterback to lead the franchise in the future.

The 2021 quarterback draft class is pretty deep with names like Fields, Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones all expected to go in the first-round and there’s no guarantee that next year’s draft- or the 2023 draft, for that matter- will be as deep.

So, you can make the case that the Falcons have a top-five pick and they need to find ‘their guy’ now. But is Fields that guy?

Justin Fields looked like one of the best quarterbacks in the nation at times with Ohio State, but he also struggled. He was inaccurate at points and many of his flaws were hidden by the fact that he had two of the best wide receivers in the nation in his arsenal.

You can look at the highest points and see how he could be a game-changing quarterback at the next level. You can also look at the lowest points and see how he might be a complete bust.

What the Atlanta Falcons have to determine is if he- or any prospect, especially at quarterback- is worth the risk.

If they pull the trigger with Fields, it’s something that the franchise has to live with- for good or for bad- after Ryan is gone. If they end up passing on Fields and he turns into a Hall of Famer, that’s also something that the franchise will have to live with.

That’s exactly why evaluation at this stage is critical, but it all comes back to this one question and it’s something that the Falcons are going to have to answer straight-up in April: Are you sold?