The Atlanta Falcons were never going to make a bid for pass rusher JJ Watt

The Atlanta Falcons were never going to make a bid for pass rusher JJ Watt.

It’s okay to dream and as Atlanta Falcons fans, we do that a lot. We like to dream about what it would be like to be a destination spot for the NFL’s big names.

While JJ Watt is on the backside of his career, there is no doubt that he could have added value to the Atlanta Falcons defense as well as their locker room. Ultimately, Watt isn’t the guy that is going to push the team over the edge and make them Super Bowl contenders and it would have been a wasted relationship for both parties.

Of course, there was always the fact that the Falcons had no cap space to sign him, though that obstacle could have been overcome had general manager Terry Fontenot decided Watt was a piece he needed to bring in.

To no one surprise, the market for Watt has been loaded with teams wanting his services and ultimately, it will become a bidding war.

Paying $15-$16 million a season for a pass rush expert in his 30’s is not something that the Atlanta Falcons were ever going to entertain. Even in the past when they brought in veteran help for that defensive line, it was nowhere near that money line.

As Shawn wrote a few weeks ago, Falcons fans wanted JJ Watt but were going to end up with Dante Fowler Jr again – maybe.

This last week, Fontenot stated that there were going to be some really tough decisions made in regards to this roster for 2021, and with the among of money the club can save by cutting him, don’t be shocked if Fowler isn’t on the roster either.

The next two seasons are going to make Atlanta Falcons fans feel like they have hit rock bottom as it’s going to get worse before it gets better. If Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith are the guys that we think they are, not only will Atlanta become a Super Bowl contender but they will also finally become a wanted destination for the NFL elite.