The Atlanta Falcons need help at the tight end position


The Atlanta Falcons found a great tight end in Hayden Hurst, but they are in need of another weapon at the position.

The Atlanta Falcons found its guy in Hurst when they traded for him last year, however, the team could use an upgrade from Luke Stocker and Jaeden Graham.

New head coach Arthur Smith loves using a two-tight end set, meaning that the Atlanta Falcons could certainly benefit from having another high-level weapon at the position opposite of Hurst, who proved last season he could perform at a top-level when given the opportunity.

Neither Stocker nor Graham is good enough to be an every-down starter, and the draft could be a way to fill this need.

The Atlanta Falcons currently have nine draft picks. This will give the team ample opportunities to scan the tight end field and look at who could be a game-changer for the new-look offense. Florida’s Kyle Pitts will be the first tight end selected, possibly even in the top five of players selected overall.

Tight end is not the most important question that needs to be answered, and the fourth pick will go towards fulfilling another need, so Pitts is out of the picture. There should be plenty of talented tight ends available with just as high a ceiling as Pitts thankfully.

Miami’s Brevin Jordan, who is touted as a great pass catcher and runner, would be a great option for the Atlanta Falcons. Jordan may not be available for long though, and again, this position is not a dire need for the team.

Another prospect who the Atlanta Falcons should keep an eye on is Tommy Tremble from Notre Dame. Tremble is said to be an excellent run blocker with great speed. He is also touted as a great short route runner.

This skillset would fit perfectly in an offense like Smith’s, which is reliant on strong blocking upfront to allow for the run to set up the pass. There are plenty of other prospects who may not be as flashy as these two but could be just as good in this tight end friendly-system.

With ample opportunities in the draft, there is no excuse to not draft a tight end. It’s not a key area of concern, but it is one that needs to be addressed because this offense needs to click early on in the season and on a consistent basis.

Depth is also very important and, while the personnel isn’t an issue right now, the talent of the personnel is.

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