The Atlanta Falcons offseason is going according to plan

Atlanta Falcons helmets on the bench Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons helmets on the bench Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Falcons have done exactly what they needed to do this offseason.

Under the circumstances, there were not many ways this free agency period could have gone for the Atlanta Falcons. With limited cap space, they were never going to be big spenders in the first wave of free agency.

If you were expecting big name, high upside signings you set yourself up for disappointment.

Once the teams that have cap space got done throwing around cash it was time for the Atlanta Falcons to get to work. They have slowly filled holes with cost-effective seasoned veterans. One of the focuses of this free agency so far has been on players that have starting experience as well as special teams’ value.

The Atlanta Falcons have filled the holes, now it is time to maximize talent

What Terry Fontenot has effectively done is make sure the Atlanta Falcons are not pigeonholed into one position in the draft. They have filled the gaps in the roster with capable veterans that can be counted on to play significant snaps if called upon. While also not sinking so much into any one position to exclude the need to add in the draft.

The holes are filled, now it is time to upgrade wherever the draft takes them. With the best player available mentality Fontenot is bringing to the table, instead of the needs-driven approach Falcons fans are used to, the draft is wide open.

Mike Davis, Ito Smith, and Qadree Ollison are a serviceable backfield. Could it use a rookie to grow for the long term, of course, but it doesn’t NEED to.

AJ Terrell, Fabian Moreau, and either Isiah Oliver or Kendal Sheffield is a solid combination at corner. Could an early-round rookie make it one of the stronger positions? Yep, it sure would, but they do not NEED one.

There is a theme at play for Terry Fontenot.

The same can be said at linebacker, offensive line, tight end, everywhere the Falcons have made a signing it has been a player that can be counted on to start. While they may not be top-tier talent, they are all solid veterans. Many are also viewed as strong leaders as well as a steady presence on the field.

What these signings have done is allow the Atlanta Falcons to be truly the best player available in the draft. None of the free-agent acquisitions preclude them from drafting any position, nor are they forced to over-commit for a glaring need.

And yes, restructures fall under the same argument. Quarterback and tackle absolutely could and should still be targeted if the value is right.

The confusion is real for Atlanta Falcons fans and media alike.

The other outcome of the off-season moves is that the Falcons are in an enviable position. NO ONE knows what the team is doing. Except for Terry Fontenot and his team, hopefully!

The confusion makes the Atlanta Falcons fourth pick incredibly valuable. While quarterback makes sense at four if another team is willing to offer a king’s ransom for what could be the last of the big four quarterbacks the Falcons can and should take advantage.

Free-agent splash is exciting, smart, and calculated is what we got.

With nine picks in the draft and plenty of good players remaining unsigned this team is nowhere near its final form.

Maybe I am giving Fontenot and this front office too much credit, but it seems like the best player available plan is coming together. I for one am excited to see where the rest of this offseason goes and love the excitement of the unknown.

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