The Falcons finally add Julio Jones to promotional features

There were lots of concerns after the Falcons scheduled was released a week ago – they have just one primetime game, an early bye week, are on the road the entering a short week, and fans realizing the lack of promotion for Julio Jones.

This caused concern for Atlanta Falcons fans as you would think they would want to promote Julio Jones, one of the greatest players in the franchise’s history

The Atlanta Falcons’ failure to show Julio Jones in their promotional content only added to the trade speculation.

If you have been following the NFL in any capacity for the last little while, you have seen the trade speculation of Julio Jones, the best receiver in the NFL.

He is a staple of the franchise, so you would expect him to be included in things like wallpapers that the social media team of the Falcons release, but that was not the case. This created much panic among Atlanta Falcons fans thinking that the social media team knows something that the fans do not.

This recently has become less prominent, as the team has made a couple posts that show off the all-time great player.

You should notice Julio right behind Grady Jarrett in this picture. He is also prominently featured on the third and fifth pictures on the same post as well.

This no doubt should be a relief to many Atlanta Falcons fans. The future is unknown, but any hope is worth something.

It seems to have been a bit of an overreaction amongst the fans, many were saying that this certainly means he is gone. While it definitely was concerning, the team probably is trying to promote other players as well.

Like it or not, Julio Jones will not be here forever, this means that they need to elevate the interest in many other players.

We all hope that Julio Jones will be suiting up for the Falcons when week one comes, they will be playing the Eagles, who Julio has a long stat sheet against.