Trading Julio Jones is a massive gamble for the Atlanta Falcons


With the plethora of rumors that the Atlanta Falcons are trying to shop Julio Jones, comes many skeptics and non-believers, and rightfully so.

Julio Jones is undoubtedly the greatest offensive weapon the Atlanta Falcons have ever had, and may ever have. Since coming into the league in 2011, he has consistently proven that he is the best receiver in the league, racking up 848 receptions, almost 13,000 receiving yards, 60 touchdowns, and averaging an NFL record of 95.5 yards per game.

Jones is the centerpiece of the Atlanta Falcons offense.

With that being said, “insider sources” and “reporters” seem to think the Atlanta Falcons believe it is time to move on from the future Hall of Famer. This would be a huge gamble and inevitable mistake.

Calvin Ridley has proven to be a great young receiver and should be a focal point of the Atlanta Falcons offense for years to come, but he hasn’t proven that he can be the top guy at the position and lead the team like Jones. Jones can single-handedly take a game over with his skill set and size, but Ridley hasn’t proven that he can do that yet.

Sure, Ridley could evolve into that guy, but right now, he hasn’t.

Without Jones, this offense doesn’t look as menacing. There’s no telling how rookie Kyle Pitts will perform because we haven’t seen him on an NFL field yet, so to assume he could be a replacement for Jones is outrageous.

Jones is a generational type of talent and not easily replaceable.

Yes, Jones has dealt with some injuries throughout his career, but to think that he can’t still perform at a high level because of last season would be a mistake.

Julio Jones shouldn’t be traded as a result of cap space

The trade “rumors” swirling around Jones seem to be almost entirely about cap space and the fact that the Atlanta Falcons don’t have much. To end Jones’s legendary career with the organization as a cap casualty would be the ultimate sign of disrespect. The last person that deserves to be disrespected is Jones.

If the team really does intend to trade him as the “rumors” suggest, it should be for a pair of first and second-round picks and depth, because Jones is entirely too important to trade away for a couple of mid-to late-round picks.

If the Atlanta Falcons intend on sticking with Matt Ryan and choosing a “win now” approach, then Julio Jones has to stay with the team, otherwise, the front office will give off the vibe that they are unsure how they want to approach the 2021 season and beyond.

Given the fact that the Atlanta Falcons have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL on paper next season, this seems like a great opportunity to have a much-needed bounce-back season. Trading Jones would certainly downgrade the offensive production and would hinder the team’s chance of accomplishing anything in 2021. Stick with the man that helped this offense become one of the most consistently dangerous throwing attacks in the league for the last decade and you won’t be sorry.

Right now it’s all rumors and no facts, and hopefully, it stays that way because the Atlanta Falcons would be making a massive gamble trading Julio Jones.

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