Julio Jones says his final goodbye to Atlanta Falcons fans

The quiet Julio Jones has now spoken by saying his final goodbye to the city of Atlanta.

On his Instagram account on Tuesday, he posted two photos of himself, one on the Tennessee Titans plane and one exiting the plane, as well as a quote stating his appreciation for the city and the fans who have supported him over the past decade.

Seeing this post from Julio Jones is extremely sad, but is also a great thing to see.

He thanks the fans and the city for all of the support. It is a great thing to see him show that appreciation.

Thank you ATL for all the love you’ve shown me over the years. It’s been an amazing 10 years playing for the city & all the fans. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the years & will never forget my time as an Atlanta Falcon.

In the caption, he simply put “Forever I’ll love Atlanta.”

The fans got better from Julio Jones than Matt Ryan received

Many fans expected to see nothing from Julio Jones, as he usually is not outspoken, but to see him state his appreciation for the fans is a very respectable thing.

Julio has never been known to talk and many people have never heard him talk. To his credit, he thanked all the fans and the city for their appreciation and support of him through the past decade.

Many Atlanta Falcons fans will be joyous to see him post this. While this type of thing is normal for most players after a trade, Julio Jones is a very private person.

There also has been a lot of negativity among the fans about Julio Jones after the shocking statement he said on “Undisputed“. It certainly was not like him, and it sounds like he did not know he was live on air which is another huge issue.

This will no doubt put to rest some of the negative thoughts that people had in recent weeks of Julio Jones.

He will forever be a Falcon no matter what he does in Tennessee. He is one of the greatest players in Atlanta Falcons history, and he will eventually enter the team’s Ring of Honor as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame.