Atlanta Falcons’ future depends on the success of TE Kyle Pitts

We still have more than two months until the start of the 2021 season for the Atlanta Falcons and many fans have already probably read hundreds of posts, articles and analysis pieces about rookie TE Kyle Pitts.

Some Atlanta Falcons fans continue to hold the opinion that taking a tight end with the No. 4 overall pick was too lofty.

Some believe that Pitts has the ability to be a future All-Pro player who could turn the Falcons offense into one of the best in the league.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the success of the Atlanta Falcons rests on the shoulders of Kyle Pitts

You may be tired of reading about Kyle Pitts, but the truth of the matter is that he holds the keys to the Falcons’ success.

If Pitts turns out to be a flop, it will hurt every single area of the team. We’ll look back at the 2020 NFL Draft and pick out five prospects who would’ve been better ‘gets.’ We’ll talk about ‘what could’ve been’ and how the Falcons simply can’t get anything right.

It will be much of the same that we’ve experienced over the course of this franchise’s lifetime and it likely will be a decision that will come back to bite Terry Fontenot as general manager.

On the flip side, if Pitts turns out to be all that we think he can be, we could be talking about the first real change in the culture of this franchise.

If the Falcons nailed their pick and Pitts turns out to be one of the best playmakers in the league and an All-Pro level tight end, you could be talking about a completely different landscape as this franchise builds over the next few years.

The key to this franchise’s future success rests on the performances of Kyle Pitts. He’s either the answer and a building block or he’s another disappointment. There really is no in-between.